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No Bed in Bangalore, Meera Chopra, who lost two relatives


No Bed in Bangalore’: Meera Chopra, who lost two relatives

No ICU Bed in Bangalore

” Two of my relatives have died in just ten days. In Bangalore, one sister did not find an ICU bed for at least two days. Another died of oxygen depletion. Both were almost 40 years old, ”said Meera Chopra.

The future is worrying

‘I don’t know what’s happening to me anymore. Two deaths have occurred in the last 10 days in my family. It snatched my hopes up. It is very sad and depressing. There was nothing we could do to save them. I am in constant fear of what will happen next, ‘said Meera Chopra.

Pregnancy death due to lack of oxygen

‘Pregnant women are dying after childbirth due to lack of oxygen. What life are we giving this newborn? I read horror stories on my Twitter. Sometimes it is best to stay away from Twitter. But I hope I can help someone by sending a message to more people, ” the actress said.

In a recent interview with Zoom TV, Meera Chopra said, “I heard that Priyanka Chopra’s sister is coming only when I act in Bollywood.” But the producers have not chosen me for Priyanka’s sister. It was viral on the social networking site. Meera has appeared in such films as Bangaram, Jambavam, Marudhamalai, Kalai, Vana, Jaganmohini, and Khiladi. Finally starred in the ‘Section-375’ web series. Richa Chaddha, Akshay Khanna, and Rahul Bhatt played lead roles.


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