No role in wardroom scam

No role in wardroom scam: BBMP joint commissioner Sarfaraz Khan



  • Bed Mafia in BBMP Wardroom
  • Sarfaraz Khan is shocked to have his name on it
  • They have nothing to do with wardroom recruitment
  • I am serving the Covid sickly

Bengaluru: Bengaluru South constituency parliamentarian accused of creating maritime beds in hospital by making illegal bed bookings Tejasvi Sun. Have revealed.

The Bed scam has heard the name of many doctors, officials, and others. Some of the names are circulating on social networking sites. Joint Commissioner of BBMP Sarfaraz Khan There is also a name. They have been blamed for these irregularities. Sarfaraz Khan expressed shock over this. They are worried that they are tarnished, despite serving unselfishly in the fight against Covid, regardless of the danger of daylight.

He shared the pain on his account on the social network and denied the allegations. The Kannada translation of his letter is viral.

Dear friends,

Bedding for Covid sufferers BBMP Running a message that included my name on social media about the scandal that took place in the war room caused me immense pain.

Not only do I have no role in the war room, but I also don’t know any doctors. It shocked me, however, that I was also accused. My job though is in charge of BBMP Covid Care Centers and the management of the Solid Waste Department

Hiring doctors or staff for war room work Department of Health BBMP Is the work of circles. I have nothing to do with this. It really pains me to see the communal color of the issue and the inclusion of my name which has nothing to do with that department.

I work day and night to arrange oxygen and oxygen concentrators for all Covid care centers and save precious lives.

I have converted the Hajj Bhavan into a 140-bed oxygen-enabled Covidi care center and have put 50 ICUs here with Haj Committee funds. What I want to say is that 90% of the Covid patients admitted to this Hajj Bhavan are my brothers of other religions, only 10% are Muslim.

The principle that I have come to believe and still believe is that God is God, whether it be Allah, Ishwar, and Jesus. Nama is many. And we are all his children.

Last year I worked to provide food kits for the poor and needy. Then I did not see which religion they belonged to. I have worked with thousands of migrant workers to provide them with the food they need. In my view, they were all very difficult brothers and sisters. My concern was that they would return to their hometowns as soon as possible and join their loved ones. As a result, my entire family was infected with Covid.

How much more proof do I have to be one of you and not someone outside? My commitment has always been to my country, my government, and the constitution of this country.

The ignorance and stupidity of some people really hurt me. I hope to investigate the matter and take action against those who spread the poison even at such a difficult time.



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