Oxygen Available only in private hospitals. Admission has stopped in small hospitals



  • Oxygen supply is not much of a problem in government hospitals
  • Patients crying for life at the moment
  • Private hospitals need 300 metric tonnes of oxygen

Bengaluru: Coronal overgrowth has caused an outbreak of oxygen everywhere and has infected people. In some cases, patients are losing their lives without oxygen. In the present situation, government hospitals are more hospitable than private hospitals in terms of oxygen. The plight of private hospitals is worrisome, and for the moment, crying for life is even more worrying.

“Private hospitals have set aside beds for Covid-infected people, as per government orders. But the government is not primarily responsible for the supply of oxygen needed. Oxygen is needed for the beds of the ICU and HDU. If the same is not supplied, what is the benefit of increasing the bed? Private Hospital And Nursing Home Association President Dr. Prasanna.

“Currently, private hospitals need 300 metric tonnes of oxygen. At present only 150 metric tons. That too is not being supplied at the right time. This is how the oxygen can be given to the infected. “The government is postponing the promise but not delivering it,” Fana said.

“Many small hospitals with a lack of oxygen have stopped the enrollment of Covid infected people. There should be adequate oxygen supply to the patient’s care after being admitted to the hospital. Can’t flirt with life, ‘says Fana President.

“The government is saying there is no shortage of oxygen. But supply is not the only issue. If oxygen is not supplied to small hospitals, the situation will be even worse, ”says Dr. Prasanna. He fears that more deaths could occur if the government does not immediately pay attention to the supply of oxygen to all hospitals.

Reside in Government Hospitals: Victoria, K.C. General, Boring Hospital and Jayanagar hospitals provide adequate oxygen to all those who need oxygen, the hospital officials said.

‘Most government hospitals in the city have a proxy Li. Oxygen is being supplied in and timely. Initially, there was some variation in the supply of time. But the trouble was nothing. The supply of oxygen to all hospitals can be delayed and there is no shortage of oxygen, ” said an official.



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