Priyanka appeals to US president

Priyanka appeals to US president, Help my country in hardship.


India was hit by covid-19. Those infected are getting a hospital, bed, and oxygen. Thousands of infected people are losing their lives. This sad situation in India has now attracted the attention of the whole world.

At this time actress Priyanka Chopra has asked the US president to help India. Priyanka is currently living in the US with her husband Nick Jonas. Priyanka tweeted to the US president by tweeting about the Indians suffering from corona

Have asked for more vaccine. Priyanka tweeted, ‘My heart is shattered. India suffers from covid-19. 550m more vaccine demanded than US requirement. But my country’s situation is in distress. Do you urgently share the vaccine in India? That is. Tagged US President Joe Biden.

Global Citizen responded to Priyanka’s tweet. Global Citizen has thanked Priyanka for raising her voice on vaccine equality and urging her to “vaccinate India as soon as possible. India urgently needs it.”

Priyanka Chopra’s work has been praised by fans. Priyanka Chopra is brave. He is working on raising awareness about the coronavirus on the social networking site. In addition, they are helping many who are in need of hospital service during this hardship.


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