Radhe Movie Review

Radhe Movie Review, Radhe movie is one of the worst movie of all time,


Salman Khan starrer ‘Radhe’ has been released in OTT and a few cinemas two days back. Other than Salman Khan’s fans, everyone else is criticizing the movie.

Prabhu Deva’s ‘Radhe’ cinema has been ranked among the worst films.

IMDB gives a rating of 2.1 out of ten, based on the quality of the films. ‘Radhe’ is the second IMDb rating of Salman Khan’s worst movie. IMDB has given a rating of 1.9 to Salman Khan’s ‘Race 3’.

Some critics have even called the Radhe cinema “unfit” to watch. Kamal R Khan also took pills and left them to watch the movie. I cannot review this film from me.

Leading film critic Taran Adarsh ​​has commented that it is ‘disappointing’ and has only given 2 stars to the cinema. Taran Adarsh ​​says to Salman Khan is a movie that fans will never see again.

Telugu actress Srireddy has also said that the worst cinema. ‘Radhe Cinema is a one-sentence review, the worst film in history. Salman Khan is an amazing actor. However, Prabhu Deva has ruined cinema. Bad direction, bad story, it’s just garbage.

But Salman Khan fans are not ready to accept it. The cinema is great. Bollywood’s greatest action film ever praised.


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