Randhir Kapoor

Randhir Kapoor sold the ancestral property


Property disputes and dependencies are common in Kapoor Khandan. Kapoor Khandan, who literally ruled Bollywood, has plenty of assets in Mumbai. Some are several-year-old assets.

One of such assets is the ‘RK House’ in Chembur, Mumbai. Kareena and Karishma Kapoor’s father Randhir Kapoor lives in this house. But Randhir Kapoor is thinking of selling this house.

Randhir plans to shift from Chembur to Bandra and has bought a new house near Mount Mary’s Church in Bandra. Randhir is positive for Randhir when he wants a new home.

Chamber is a way to mainland Mumbai. Randhir Kapoor is shifting from Chembur to Bandra because he wants to be close to his children and his wife Babita. also, read This: Salman Khan response to Disha Patani kissing on the lip.

In 2019, the Kapoor family sold RK Studio, the first studio in Bollywood, to the Godrej firm.

Randhir Kapoor and Reema Jain have filed a petition in the High Court seeking the property of Rajiv Kapoor, who passed away earlier this year. The hearing of the application is ongoing.

Rajiv Kapoor married Aarti Sabarwal in 2001 and divorced him for two years, so Randhir and Reema have told the court that their property should come to us.


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