Rocket attack in Israel

Rocket attack in Israel, A woman killed in a rocket attack in Israel while talking to her husband in a video call



  • Aerial brawl between Palestine and Israel
  • Woman dies in a video call with her husband
  • Soumya has been doing housework for seven years

Idukki: Israel At least 35 people were killed in Gaza and five in Israel during Tuesday’s airstrike between Hamas rebels in Palestine. Of Palestine Rocket, As a result, a Kerala woman working in Israel has died.

A Palestinian rocket has fallen on a 31-year-old Soumya’s residence in Ashkelon. The incident happened while she was talking to her husband Santosh in a video call in the evening.

“My brother heard a loud noise while talking on a video call. The phone was immediately disconnected. Immediately we contacted the Malayalees working there. We are aware of this incident, ”said Santosh’s brother Saji.

Soumya, who hails from Keerithodu in the Idukki district, has been working as a housekeeper in Israel for the past seven years, her relatives said.

Israel carried out hundreds of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip as of Wednesday morning. On the other hand, Palestinian militants have fired several rockets at Israeli Tel Aviv and Beersheba.



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