No RTO Exam, Getting a Driving License Even More: New Law Enforcement

No RTO Exam, Getting a Driving License Even More: New Law Enforcement



  • The new rule from the Union Ministry of Transport comes into effect from July
  • Driving training from an accredited training center
  • Submission of Certificate Details from the center upon completion of training
  • Centers must meet specific criteria for accreditation by the government

Bengaluru News: The road to people who are in agony waiting for several days to get a driving license Ministry of Transport Gave the sweet news. You can no longer get DL at any regional transport office (RTO) Driving longer is not mandatory. But you only need to learn driving from the official driving training center.

The Ministry of Transport has announced a new rule that no driver test is required in any RTO to get a DL after successfully completing training at a government-accredited driver’s training center. For this, you have to complete the training at the center and pass the exam. It must be recorded electronically for audit.

‘This whole process is technology-driven and will take place without any human intervention. The centers will be accredited to meet specific criteria for training in accordance with the fields, driving track, IT, and the biometric system as well as the specific activity. Once the training center has issued a certificate, it is a related motor Vehicle License that Reaches the officer, ”an official from the Transport Ministry said.

The new rule will be effective from July. That is, individuals and organizations running centers such as driver training can start applying to the state government right away.



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