Shailaja Teacher, who has been praised for her handling of Covid, has no place in the new volume

Shailaja Teacher, who has been praised for her handling of Covid, has no place in the new volume



  • Shailaja, admired by Covid’s management practices
  • Shailaja, who won by a huge margin
  • Preference for new faces in the Pinarayi Vol
  • Pinarayi with 21 ministers on May 20

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala’s minister of health has been widely praised for effectively tackling the coronavirus crisis KK style Chief Minister for them Pinarayi Vijayan No new government cabinet to head!

A senior leader said that the LDF coalition, which came to power for a second consecutive term after breaking a decades-long tradition, would have a whole new minister except Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Known as the ‘ShailajaTeacher’, KK Shailaja was previously praised for his ability to handle the challenge when the Nipah virus was seen in the state. In addition, decisions taken to prevent coronavirus infection in the state were hailed. In 2020, she was named to Britain’s magazine’s ‘Top Thinkers of the Year’ list.

“There is no one in the new LDF cabinet except the chief minister. This is our party’s decision. Only our party has the courage to do so. Many prominent people were not even allowed to compete this time. We need new faces, ”CPM MLA AN Shamsheer said.

Shailaja Teacher, who contested from the Matanur constituency, won by a margin of 60,000 votes with 61.97%.

Pinarayi Vijayan’s second government is set to take office on May 20. 21 Ministers will be added to the Cabinet. PDF Convener A Chidambaram said the new minister’s accounts would be decided by the chief minister. Vijayaraghavan said.

CPM, the largest party in the LDF alliance, will have 12 ministers in the new cabinet. The second-largest party is CPI4, Kerala The Congress (M), the Janata Dal (S), and the NCP will each get one ministerial seat.

MB Rajesh is likely to become the new Chairman of the Kerala Legislative Assembly. It is said that three women will get a place in the Pinarayi cabinet. However, there has been strong opposition on social networking sites for the dismissal of Shailaja. The Shailaja Teacher has been criticized for abandoning her as a celebrity. The controversy over the placement of Pinarayi’s son-in-law, Mohammed Riaz



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