Sonam Kapoor Beauty and Fitness Secrets!

Sonam Kapoor Beauty and Fitness Secrets!


There is something about the film actors that makes us emotional. Somewhere along the way they see him on the screen. They also adopt some of their life styles and vow to walk as hard as they can. This is why famous actors and actresses still have millions of fans.

This includes Sonam Kapoor. Style icon is true for women in terms of beauty of Sonam Kapoor. Passion lovers also see him as their role model. Just like some women. With their fine arts, their skill makes other women’s attention flow to them.

They make a lot of changes in their lifestyle and maintain a healthy fitness and become an example to others. Most of the women who saw him were thinking about what might be the reason for their grooming.

Some of her beauty secrets are why Sonam Kapoor looks so neat. From time to time they have revealed the changes and some of their beauty secrets. Are you curious to know what they are? So read on.

Sonam Kapoors tight bun

Many say that the face is a reflection of the mind. In the words of Sonam Kapoor, a brief mystery about beauty is that ‘the right time, the right food, all the time.

They also say that the unwavering love and support of their family, their boyfriends and girlfriends motivates me to always be happy. Even if it is true. Everyone wants family support or support for their achievement. Because sometimes there is no family support in this society. So Sonam Kapoor is lucky in this regard.

Sonam Kapoor sleeps every night with a cleansing, toning and moisturizing process to rejuvenate her face. Dr. Richa Seth has on many occasions claimed that her beauty is an unseen hand.

Sharing their hair beauty, Sonam Kapoor mixes sweet almond oil and coconut oil twice a month to create a paste of peanut powder and use it as a moisturizing mask for the hair. This makes their hair look silky and beautiful. This idea is certainly ideal for other women. Also Read This: Priyanka Chopra Beauty and fitness secrets.

Sonam Kapoor brushes their hair using a Konair hairbrush. Also use keratised hair products. Often forget about hair coloring and hair conditioning. It has a lot of hair health and is very eye-catching.

Beach accessories

Sonam Kapoor will never walk out of the house without a sunscreen on his face. In addition, skin care products that have sufficient oil content and chemical content may not be touched by hand.

Face packs are prepared using chickpea flour and yogurt with milk for face beauty. Neutrogena’s sunscreen is the most loved and augmented reality sunscreen.

Drinking water once a day for two to three hours is a specialty of his eating habits. Drinking blue water in general will reduce the thirst in the body and improve the beauty of the skin.

Makeup Secrets by Sonam Kapoor
In the words of Sonam Kapoor, women must change the makeup they use to enhance their beauty.

The same makeup product or makeup design doesn’t work all the time. Sonam Kapoor, who plays a variety of roles, pre-decided on what her makeup should look like.

When Sonam Kapoor was 5 years old, she started to get interested in makeup. He took his grandmother’s red lipstick and stood in front of the mirror and scratched the entire face. Seeing her mother and grandmother tell her that she has become a beauty queen.

makeup kit

At the age of 18, Sonam Kapoor stepped in to use Kohl’s pencils for his make-up and is still using them. Sonam Kapoor does not make too much makeup while at home with no work. Just like a mascara applying glossy lipstick.

Sonam Kapoor adds a matte red lipstick and a yellow undertone to the beauty of her lips. It adds more beauty to her beauty. Often these lipsticks give Sonam Kapoor a saath during a press meet or an evening party. Other times, wear a peachy brown or brown pink lipstick.

When Sonam Kapoor goes to shows outside, his eyeshadows are filled with dark black or blue, or dark green or bottle green.

For blush, say pink, matte red or subtle ash is on the cheek. When it comes to nail polish, usually Sonam Kapoor does not use red pink or coral colors to make everyone look good. Black, brown, yellow or head colors are often used instead.

Diet Secret by Sonam Kapoor
Even before Sonam Kapoor entered the cinema, she was very concerned about her physical weight management and was motivated by her mother’s support and family support to help her lose weight.

Fried foods

He claims that his mother’s role in the diet of Sonam Kapoor is very important. She says her mother ordered her daughter to take away chocolate, ice cream, fried snacks and sweets from an early age.

At present, Sonam Kapoor is very keen on his diet and eats low-carbohydrate and high-protein foods for lunch. For breakfast, they are only suitable for oatmeal and fruit.

  • Eat bread and egg white after exercise and drink protein shake and juice.
  • At lunch, dal, sabzi, millet roti, salad are served with a piece of chicken or fish.
  • Chicken crackers serve cold cut or egg white during snacks every evening.
  • Their favorite food is soup, salad and a one-piece chicken during dinner tonight.
  • People drink honey ghee hot water and lemon juice every day to help remove the toxic wastes from their bodies and help with their skin’s beauty.
  • Sonam Kapoor has several Hollywood stars as role models. Inspired by their eating habits, it is no longer a habit of eating late at night for any reason.

Daily Food Profile by Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor eats 5 to 6 times a day. Breakfast serves 3 egg whites and one bowl porridge. An afternoon meal should include brown rice, chicken, dal vegetables and yogurt.

During the night, chicken, eggs or fish, a cup of cooked vegetable and a chapati Sonam Kapoor are there for them. Eat crackers and fruit frequently every day. Follow the diet of Sonam Kapoor Chocolate even now.

The Fitness Secret of Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor lost a lot of body weight during his “Savari” cinema. So they train their fitness trainer, Jarain Watson, when they need it.


Sonam Kapoor, who was an avid food lover when he was studying in Singapore, was not forgetting to exercise every day. Because of this, they have a pretty gorgeous body today. According to her, just 15 minutes of exercise each day can be quite helpful.

Profile of Sonam Kapoor’s daily routine
Sonam Kapoor often performs exercises related to heart and blood vessels and weight loss exercises.

  • Exercise provides one organs of the body every day to reduce the cholesterol content in the body and maintain health. If you exercise for 30 minutes each day, you can workout your stomach, arms, shoulders, hips etc.
  • Participate in aerobics-like dance exercises two days a week.
  • Sonam Kapoor does yoga today.
  • In the summer, you can practice more swimming and participate in a variety of exercises that help maintain balance and develop strength and reduce body calories.
  • Sonam Kapoor Pilates practices three days a week



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