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Sonu Sood Gave Oxygen Concentrator To Bengaluru Police.



Actor Sonu Sood has been helping not only the coroners but also the struggling workers as well as those who are fighting the corona.

Sonu Sood has been assisted by medical personnel and police in the fight against Corona. Sonu Sood has been particularly helpful to the Bangalore police.

Sonu Sood has donated an oxygen concentrator for the use of the Bangalore police. Sonu Sood’s concentrator was received by Bangalore City Police Commissioner Kamal Pant.

  Sonu Sood Gave Oxygen Concentrator To Bengaluru Police

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Sonu Sood had given the machine to the Bangalore Police, the Corona Warriors, for his use, and had previously requested Kamal Pant in a video call to receive the machine.

Hashmat of Sonu Sud Charitable Trust has delivered the oxygen concentrator machine to Kamal Pant. This machine is in great demand now and a machine is priced at over 80,000.

Coronation cases are particularly high in Karnataka, especially in Bangalore. Many policemen on duty in Bangalore have also been hit by Corona. Sonu Sood has given the oxygen compressor machine in mind.

In the second wave of Coronas, patients are living without hospital beds and without oxygen. Sonu Sood is trying to provide her with a hospital bed and oxygen for her contacts. In addition, some oxygen cylinders have continued their social service work, which began last year by providing beds for free.


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