Supreme Court rushes to Param Beer Singh

Supreme Court rushes to Param Beer Singh



  • Param Beer accused of corruption against Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh
  • They have been targeted and harassed after being accused
  • Those sitting in a glass house should not throw stones at others

Bengaluru News: The Supreme Court was shocked by the statement made by former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Beer Singh on the state’s policing system over corruption charges against the former home minister of Maharashtra.

In the meantime, inquiries into all the cases filed against them Maharashtra The court rejected Singh’s plea that he be transferred from the police department to the CBI and be subjected to an open investigation.

Responding to Singh’s argument that “I do not trust the Maharashtra Police Department”, the court dismissed the statement “It is shocking that an officer who has served in the state’s police department for 30 years should make such a statement.

All cases against them should be tried independently outside Maharashtra. Param Beer Singh has appealed to the Supreme Court seeking transfer of cases.

Amidst probe into gelatin explosion and threats case in Mumbai in front of Mukesh Ambani’s residence, Mumbai Police The Commissioner Param Beer Singh He, the Home Minister Anil Deshmukh The allegation that he had instructed the police to pay Rs 100 crore per month was highly disturbing. They were transferred to a different department. They are fighting legal action against Anil Deshmukh for their transfers.



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