High Scale for City Scan: Attack on Hospitals in Bengaluru

[ad_1] Highlights: Recommendation for action against hospitals Background of complaints from the public Attack by State X-ray Safety Directorate Bengaluru News: State X-ray Safety Directorate, District Health, and Family Welfare … Read More

The Health Department notices 5 private hospitals in Bengaluru for costly charges

[ad_1] Highlights: Fees higher than the SAST rate Patients enrolled under private quotation write extra bills! Health department notice to five private hospitals in Bengaluru Instructions to file all patient … Read More

Home Survey on Detection of Non-Coronavirus Vaccines in Bengaluru

[ad_1] Highlights: Action to identify persons over 45 years of age Guided by the 1912 helpline for the second dose Vaccine targets 30 lakh people in 30 days Bengaluru News: … Read More

Lockdown, Work From Home Effect: 8,000 PGs in Bengaluru!

[ad_1] Highlights: An industry that has been shaken by corona About 30 thousand job losses Association urged to treat PGs as official business Bengaluru News: The Corona blow has hurt … Read More

Free Vaccine in Bengaluru: Continuous Service In Hanumanthanagar

[ad_1] Highlights: No coronavirus drought in Hanumanthanagar ward Coronavirus is being given daily to 80 people Selfless service by the BJP team to reach out to the vaccine everyone Bengaluru … Read More

Bengaluru News: Rainy, shiny roads in Bengaluru; Two more days of rain

[ad_1] Highlights: Thundershowers with thunderstorms in Bengaluru city last night for about 3 hours All the roads were glittering. Motorists stormed the road as the water was standing beneath some … Read More

Another indigenous vaccine to come: Govt.

[ad_1] Highlights: Hyderabad-based Biological-E Institute 1,500 crore upfront Home Ministry Production of vaccines from August to December The company that is still in phase III trial Bengaluru News: Huge level … Read More

Coronavirus Decrease in Bengaluru: More than 10,000 beds empty

[ad_1] Highlights: Decrease in enrollment of infected persons in hospitals and care centers Some caregivers are worried about closing temporarily Most of those infected tend to home care Bengaluru News: … Read More

Bengaluru News: Bangladesh Group Arrested For The Inhuman Action.

[ad_1] Highlights: A case of mass rape and atrocity The arrest of Bangladeshi nationals including a woman The incident took place in Ramamurthy, Bengaluru A video that went viral on … Read More