Bengaluru News: Newest daily low case in 70 days: Covid positivity decline in the country

[ad_1] Highlights: 84,332 new Covid 19 case in 24 hours The positivity rate of less than 5 percent for the fifth consecutive day The shock of the Covid 19 death … Read More

The PM reviews the performance of ministries and implementation of new projects

[ad_1] Highlights: A nearly five-hour meeting on the performance of selected ministries The meeting also reviewed the implementation of new projects Referendum from 5 pm to 10 pm Bengaluru News: … Read More

Free Vaccine in Bengaluru: Continuous Service In Hanumanthanagar

[ad_1] Highlights: No coronavirus drought in Hanumanthanagar ward Coronavirus is being given daily to 80 people Selfless service by the BJP team to reach out to the vaccine everyone Bengaluru … Read More

Home Ministry new guidelines for diabetes patients who infected in Covid 19

[ad_1] Highlights: Increasing Black Fungus in Covid 19 Patients with Diabetes New Guideline from the Government for the Control of Black Fungus Instruction to keep a close watch on patients … Read More

Visa accreditation of foreign nationals stranded in the country extends till August 31st

[ad_1] Highlights: Foreigners who have been stuck in India since March 2020 Allowing for international air traffic to begin Unrestricted opportunity to stay in India Bengaluru News: Visa for foreigners … Read More

Another indigenous vaccine to come: Govt.

[ad_1] Highlights: Hyderabad-based Biological-E Institute 1,500 crore upfront Home Ministry Production of vaccines from August to December The company that is still in phase III trial Bengaluru News: Huge level … Read More

Foreign immunity companies like Pfizer, Moderna are a significant exemption in India

[ad_1] Highlights: DCGI says there is no need for experimental testing in India Only allowed for vaccines approved in certain countries Opportunity for Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Bengaluru News: Foreign … Read More

Vaccine sales are more important to BJP leaders than people’s lives! Aam Aadmi Party accused

[ad_1] Highlights: Vaccine sales are more important to BJP leaders than people’s lives! The BJP is doing politics by hitting people’s stomachs over the vaccine issue Aam Aadmi Party to … Read More