Free Vaccine in Bengaluru: Continuous Service In Hanumanthanagar

[ad_1] Highlights: No coronavirus drought in Hanumanthanagar ward Coronavirus is being given daily to 80 people Selfless service by the BJP team to reach out to the vaccine everyone Bengaluru … Read More

White fungus detected in the country, now infected with four of the most dangerous: Black!

[ad_1] Highlights: Black fungus has now been discovered in the White Fungus This fungal infection is even more deadly than the black fungus All four had all the symptoms of … Read More

Bengaluru News: Kamalpant suspended Inspector Kathyayini Alva and Two head constables

[ad_1] Highlights: Remedy Virus attack on Bengaluru doctor Inspector of Sanjayanagar station Kathyayini Alva suspended The doctor is charged with assault and money laundering Bengaluru News:  Sanjayanagar station on charges … Read More

BBMP allowed Corona-infected people to join direct care centers without a reservation process!

[ad_1] Highlights: BBMP, which allows them to join direct care centers No need to reserve a bedroom by calling the war room Notice to recruit required personnel for Triaz Centers … Read More

Kamal Pant warns Bengalureans, If the lockdown is violated, strict action will be taken

[ad_1] Highlights: Strict action in violation of lockdown in Bangalore Bangalore City Police Commissioner Kamal Pant warns Request to abide by the lockdown rules Bengaluru: Strict action will be taken … Read More