Telangana News: MEIL supplies oxygen to hospitals free of charge



  • Free delivery of 500 to 600 Oxygen Cylinder per day from MEIL to various hospitals
  • A total of 35 lakh liters of oxygen service
  • Creation of 40 Oxygen Generating Centers by MEIL in collaboration with DRDO
  • Think of importing cryogenic tanks from Spain for free service

Telangana News: The rising corona in the country is caused by the second wave Oxygen Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd. has taken the initiative to provide valuable oxygen free of charge to overcome shortages.

Andhra Pradesh at an early stage and Telangana The state-of-the-art engineering giant MEIL is set to supply 500 to 600 cylinders of oxygen every day for the urgent need of patients suffering from Covid.

Installation of Oxygen Components in DRDO Cooperation:
In addition to the current supply of oxygen, MEIL is also launching a 30 to 40 oxygen production plant with technical cooperation from DRDO, the country’s top company. Each unit of sophisticated technology used in combat aircraft is capable of producing 150 to 1000 liters of oxygen per minute.

This relationship has already been negotiated with Megha Engineering DRDO, DRDO Director B.S. Dr. Rawat is the senior scientist of the institute. Raghavendra Rao has been appointed.

Currently, MEIL produces approximately 30 tonnes of cryogenic oxygen, which can then be converted and supplied for medical use. In the meantime, such a unit would be set up in Bhadrachalam.

In the near future, the MEIL states are planning to produce more oxygen by importing 2 to 3 cryogenic tanks from Spain as needed.

Currently, the medical use of MEIL’s Oxygen ‘B’, each cylinder will have a capacity of 7000 liters and a total supply of 35 lakh liters of oxygen.

Sources said that the demand for oxygen has already come from NIMS Hospital in Hyderabad, Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, Apollo Institute of Medical Science, and Hyderabad Care Hi-Tech Hospital.



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