The Health Department notices 5 private hospitals in Bengaluru for costly charges

The Health Department notices 5 private hospitals in Bengaluru for costly charges



  • Fees higher than the SAST rate
  • Patients enrolled under private quotation write extra bills!
  • Health department notice to five private hospitals in Bengaluru
  • Instructions to file all patient charges within three days

Bengaluru News: Department of Health for five private hospitals in the city Notice Has given. SAST Hospitals have been issued a disciplinary warning for violating regulations and charging excessive fees to patients entering private quota.

The Department of Health, which has ordered all patients to receive their payment details within three days from April 1, has warned that an FIR will be filed against them if they fail to comply.

The government has issued notices to Ashwin Hospital, St John’s Hospital, Atreya Hospital, KK Hospital, and Sparsh Hospital. The hospitals were found to be overcharging enrolled patients based on private quota and did not comply with the SAST (Golden Health Care Trust) prescribed fee rates, the department said.

SAST has had some complaints against these private hospitals. Accordingly, the health department has issued a notice to provide all patient’s details and bill details. They were given three days to pay the bills. If they fail, action will be taken against them, ”a senior official said. Also, Read This: Shock for frequent vaccine slot in Cowin.

He said that “cases will be filed against hospitals under KPME-Act 2017, Karnataka Infectious Disease Ordinance 2020 and Disaster Management Act 2005 and IPC sections.”

Recently called Comfort Multispeciality Hospital for charging twice as much for oxygen and extra for beds Private Hospital An FIR has been filed against it. Most hospitals charge private patients twice the SAST rates. Along with accusations that they are charging extra fees in the name of nursing fees and oxygen fees.



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