Victory Celebration in Five States

Victory Celebration in Five States: Election Commission of India



  • Panchayat Assembly Election Results.
  • Triumph by activists of political parties in five states.
  • Central Election Commission, angry over the victory
  • The Commission, which has been criticized for not celebrating in the wake of Corona.

New Delhi: Just a few moments before the announcement of the five-state assembly elections, activists of political parties are busy celebrating the victory.

The TMC’s son and DMK activists are celebrating the victory, mainly in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

In the wake of the second wave of coronavirus in the country, there is no celebration and rally during the counting of votes and election results Election Commission The order was issued.

But in the five states, most notably in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, there is a celebration of victory, which has made the Central Election Commission angry.

The Central Election Commission has written a letter to the Chief Secretary of all States and Union Territories expressing a clear direction to celebrate the victory.

The Commission has also issued a clear directive that the relevant authorities should be immediately dismissed on charges of defamation.

The Commission also issued a directive to suspend and discipline officials who fail to comply with their orders.

In total, the Victory Celebration is being held in the five states in defiance of the Central Election Commission’s directive and the Election Commission has instructed the state governments to implement its mandate to prevent coronation.



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