What is The Purpose of Human Life on Earth

What is The Purpose of Human Life on Earth, The darkest prediction of the existence of human beings on earth.

What is The Purpose of Human Life on Earth, The darkest prediction of the existence of human beings on earth, How long will this world last?, When is the end of the earth? When is the end of the mankind? A professor at Harvard University predicted the darkest.

What is The Purpose of Human Life on Earth – In addition to the origin of mankind, when is the end of the earth or human beings among the many concepts of creation and destruction of the world? The question often arises. According to Hindu beliefs, the creation and end of life care in the hands of God. Vishnu himself has taken avatars from time to time and saved the earth and mankind. It is defined differently in each religion. In today’s era, science has become increasingly important. From this point of view, many scientists in the world have made many arguments about the end of the human world. There is a lot of talk about world destruction and the destruction of the earth, even with reference to world films and ancient civilizations of the world. Also, Read This: How to Get Blue Tick Mark on Twitter Account?

The big question about the future

The question may well be on your mind as the debate eagles. In fact, Avi Loeb, a professor and scientist at Harvard University, has asked the question. How long will the world last? What is the end date of the earth or the end of humans? They have requested that they all work together to prevent global warming by asking questions. Along with this vaccine preparation, they urge them to find a clean alternative to sustainable energy.

Preparing Sperm Bank in Astronomy

Professors say there is still a lot of work to be done, and everyone should eat poustic food and find a way to do it. Be prepared to build a large base station in space. Also try to contact the aliens. Because by the time we are technically fully mature, the entire human race and the earth will be ready to be destroyed. What’s special is that in the last few years, the world’s largest scientists have been urging sperm banks in space. Work has already begun in this direction. Professor Loeb said that through such operations, with the help of all our inventions and technological advances during the destruction of the earth, some of the human beings of that time could be saved.

‘The Age of Man Needs to Be Increased’

Professor Loeb, speaking at Harvard University’s alumni, said, “Our priority should be to increase the lifespan of human beings in the current state of affairs. “My answer to this is that we are currently in the middle of human life. The earth is likely to last millions of years, or it can live for many centuries, but it cannot change the future.”

‘The Great War and the Role of War’

Avi Loeb said that if we look at the deteriorating state of the earth because of human beings, it looks like humans will not be able to live long on Earth. In a few centuries, the condition of the earth will deteriorate, and people will have to move into space. Technological Catastrophe is one of the biggest hazards. There are again two major dangers. These are the wars between the Pandemic and the countries developed by humans. If all these things are not dealt with positively, then the land will either end itself, or it will lose itself.

Loeb said the climatic conditions of various countries are constantly changing unexpectedly. Glaciers are melting. Sea level is rising. The volcanoes that have been sleeping for hundreds of years are glowing again. Earth’s oxygen sources, such as the Amazon jungle and other major parts, are being destroyed by fire. Australian wildfire can forget how. Millions of animals have perished, he said. Also, Read This: Five Recent Science Fiction Movies To Stream Now.

‘Let flirt with nature’

Avi Loeb, a senior scientist and professor, says that the simplest model of physics is that we are all composed of elemental particles. We are not included in anything separate. Therefore, based on the laws of nature, we have no right to destroy them on a fundamental level. If flirting continued with the laws of nature, it would ultimately be a mass loss for all. Thus, no human-level disaster can be predicted on the human and his complex physical structure, he said.

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