White fungus detected in the country, now infected with four of the most dangerous: Black!

White fungus detected in the country, now infected with four of the most dangerous: Black!



  • Black fungus has now been discovered in the White Fungus
  • This fungal infection is even more deadly than the black fungus
  • All four had all the symptoms of Covid infection

Bengaluru News: Amid the spread of black fungus (mucormycosis) among Covid infected and recovering people, it is even more dangerous. White fungus’The discovery is of further concern. The fungal infection, which is more deadly than the black fungus, has recently appeared in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Bihar. Four people, including a doctor in Patna, have been diagnosed with white fungus infection and are in critical condition.

All four had all the symptoms of Covid infection. But when tested, all reports were negative. When finally checked and suspected, it was found to be a rare white fungus, said Dr. Kapoor, head of the microbiology department at Patna Medical College and Hospital. S.N. “It is not,” Singh said.

Located only on CT scan

Reports of infection by blood, throat, urine, and other specimens show that there is a risk of coronavirus reports. However, only a CT scan can confirm that the white fungus infects the infected’s lungs.

Notified epidemic
The Union Ministry of Health on Thursday said that all states under the Prevention of Infectious Diseases Control Act (WHO) are designating the Black Fungus as a ‘notified epidemic’. The Telangana and Tamil Nadu governments have already declared black fungal infections as infectious diseases. This is followed by fears of white fungal transmission.

A stray white fungus!
“There is no specific treatment for the white fungus,” said Dr. Kapoor, chief of the microbiology department at Patna Medical College and Hospital, Patna. S.N. “It is not,” Singh said. “Currently the fungus is being treated with anti-growth drugs alone. Precisely therapeutic measures are to be learned from senior healthcare professionals and scientists in the near future, ”Singh said.

Do not neglect if the bubble appears
White fungus infections are also common in Covid infected people. Thus, it is difficult for doctors to diagnose it early. Skin allergy is the most prominent symptom of this infection.

– Painless, tiny blisters appear on the skin. Bubbles arise 1-2 weeks after infection.

– Lung infection can cause sputum, shortness of breath, chest pain

– If the infection is present in the skin, it is very painful. Usually, they are treated for arthritis first if there is a pain in the skin. It is also responsible for the detection of infection after exacerbation

Who needs white fungus precautions?

– Non-Sugar Disease Control

– who has now recovered himself from Corona

– Steroid treatment for coronavirus infection

– People who are sick with an infection and are in oxygen supply

– Those with low immunity

– Pregnant women, small children

How is the transmission of new infections?

– Direct contact

– Through the air (nose)

– By mouth (food, kissing, etc.)

– By touching clean objects (table, windows, etc.)

– If you do not wash your hands properly after touching the soil

– By the Angel

Which organs are fatal?

Lung, brain, kidney, anal, skin, mouth, nail

What is Black and White Fungus?

Black and white fungus are both fungal infections. These fungi are usually present in soil and air. The problem occurs when fungal particles enter the body through the nose or mouth. It is also a risk factor for people with low immunity, diabetes, and cancer. While the black fungus usually causes damage to the eyes and lungs, the white fungus can also damage the lungs and kidney, and brain. Treatment is required immediately after signs of infection.


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