why the left side of our body is so weak?

why the left side of our body is so weak?


For most of us, the left side feels a little weaker than the right side of our body. We use our right hand for everything we do, from hand writing, to eating, to lifting weights, or to any of our tasks.

Even when walking, we put the right foot first. This is our practice. Even when exercising, we do not give the right part of our body to the left side, as much effort.

Why this is the way it is haunted us. This may be due to the way we have been practicing and growing up from an early age, I don’t know.

It’s not just us. For many of us, a similar habit continues. Even though our body shape is similar on both sides, there is a difference in strength.

Since we use the right side of our body more effectively than the left side of our body, the flesh and the continents of our right body’s hands and feet are more developed.

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But for some people, the left body is much stronger than the right side. Use the left hand in writing, even the left hand for any weightlifting work.

It can be said that it was inherited from the practice of their grandfather – grandfather, not his father.

Another reason is that if one of our legs is hurt in some way, it can impair the balance of both sides of our body.

Yet every day we are too busy in our work to pay any attention to any such issues.

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The point to note
If one part of your body is strong and the other side is weak, there is nothing wrong with it.

Exercising too much on that side should leave the feeling that it is going to be okay to keep your weak side strong.

You can practice your every day small tasks towards your weaker side. It can be said, though, that your strong side is not strengthened.



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