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Work from home, The time has come for cities to follow the permanent: Nitin Kamath



  • The time has come to flee the metropolis
  • Moving to smaller towns and villages requires a permanent work from home.
  • Businessman Nitin Kamath opinion

New Delhi: Businessman Nitin Kamath said leaving the metropolitan areas and moving to the villages would create livelihoods and reduce carbon emissions.

The country’s big cities are suffocating. Cities get into trouble every time. Water shortages, pollution, flooding etc. are common with the covid problem. Nitin Kamat said on Twitter:

Work from home to specialists: benefits more than 10 thousand government employees!

Permanent employees already possible Work from home The process of transitioning to work is ongoing. “We are now recruiting for our Customer Support team for permanent work-to-home positions and soon other teams will also be in place.

Nitin Kamat is not alone in saying that India’s next move is to smaller cities. Another billionaire, Sridhar Vembu, founder of Zoho, has long been a lawyer. He moved to a small village called Mathalamparai in Tamil Nadu a long time ago and has run the Zoho Company ever since.

However, after the covid-19 is enclosed, the work from home is back to normal. Thousands of employees have fled the cities and returned to their villages. This is the reason why most companies adopt working from home.



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