Yeddyurappa’s sharp response to leadership change

Yeddyurappa’s sharp response to leadership change



  • BS Yeddyurappa’s sharp response to the leadership change debate
  • Corona control, public safety is my priority
  • Lawmakers and ministers should work together to prevent covid

Bengaluru News: Chief Minister on news spreading about leadership change BS Yeddyurappa Has responded sharply. ‘To be in front of me Covid Management only. Its control and management is only a priority, ”Yeddyurappa said.

Responding Thursday in the House of Commons on the leadership change debate, he said, “My priority is to regulate Corona and protect the people.”

He indirectly expressed his displeasure against minister CP Yogeshwar, saying that someone had to go somewhere, that is, not answer him.

The death toll of people in Covid has been increasing. He said lawmakers and ministers should work together to prevent this

Asked about the legislative session, Yeddyurappa said, “There is no need to discuss the legislative session with you.”

Savadi support for BSY

‘All the media news, nothing officially happened. It is not known who went to Delhi. Our leaders are Yeddyurappan ‘ Change of CM About Methodology BJP MLA Siddi Savadi said.

We will discuss the issue of goat crossing with the setting up of the Chennai Green Peace Committee. It’ll do what it can to prevent it. “We will also go to the Supreme Court,”

CM has not changed for any reason – Narayana Gowda

The Chief Minister will not be changed for any reason. BS Yeddyurappa is a two-year-old. “We will face an election under the leadership of Yeddyurappa,” Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Narayana Gowda said.

Delhi has Hogta. CP Yogeshwar indirectly expressed his displeasure that no one should go wrong at this time.



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